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For Ottawa House Cleaning services, please email has been providing house cleaning services, maid service to the communities of Ottawa for several years. We are specialized in tending to the many household needs of its clients. Our professional approach, with trained people, gives clients the assurance that the job will be done with the utmost attention to detail. Our dedication is to deliver an experience to our customers that will ensure that they will want to use us again. Check out the reviews, they will speak for themselves.

Maid Services

House Cleaning Services

We provide a dedicated worker so our consistency goals are met. Thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of your home. Different rates and packages available, from one-time or occasional home cleaning, to regular (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly) house cleaning services.

Packages may include:
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Sanitizing of bathrooms
  • Appliances
  • Inside closets and cupboards
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Carpet and furniture
  • Pre-move (for home staging) and post-move cleaning
  • Post renovation cleaning
  • Sprint and Fall thorough cleaning
  • Clean sweep decluttering
  • Downsizing

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Entrance / Hall Ways / Bedrooms / Living Room / Dining Room / Basement / TV Room / Bathroom / Kitchen

  • Remove cobwebs, dust light fixtures, fans and baseboards
  • Clean and buff all mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Disinfect light switches, door handles knobs and banisters
  • Tidy and straighten up, make bed
  • Empty and wipe down garbage cans (replace bags)
  • Dust surfaces, picture frames, window ledges and shelves
  • Vacuum and mop floors, wash boot mat / rug
  • Wipe down both sides of door
  • Wipe down dining room set
  • Clean sink counter and cupboards
  • Scrub toilet bowl, clean and wipe down the outside
  • Clean bathtub, tiles, shower stall and fixtures
  • Load dishes and run dishwasher when full (or hand wash dishes, dry and put away)
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Wipe down all appliances, (treat with stainless steel cleaner)
  • Pull apart and clean stove top, and replace burner trays
  • Move everything and wipe down counters, backsplash
  • Scrub sink and polish chrome

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Ottawa House Cleaning